Spring Equinox Cleanse in Mexico

Women of Vitality Retreat

Join me and my dear friend Ravi Khalsa in beautiful Merida Mexico, for this amazing 5 day self love & self care Women’s retreat!

International Kundalini Yoga Women’s Camp
Women of Vitality
Yoga - Cleanse - Sadhana - Kirtan - Bhangra 

March 20-24, 2019
Yucatán Beach, México
Details and to register now  www.lasmujeresde.com

The best reason to cleanse is Self-Love
Your body is your temple ♡
An alkaline diet creates an environment in your body where dis-ease can't take root. Ayurveda brings gentle harmony to your body, mind and soul.
Learn how to make healthy conscious choices that can create lasting change in how you eat, feel, think, act and thrive!