Join SatJiwan for this life changing Spiritual Journey - March 25th - April 5th, 2020

Arrive in Delhi and travel to Dehradun - a historic quaint hill city in the Himalayas and home to a breathtakingly beautiful Tibetan stupa.

We continue our travel a short journey to Rishikesh - the birthplace of Yoga nestled on the banks of the sacred Mata Ganga river, participate in the Hindu Arti - a spiritual fire ceremony practiced each evening expressing ones gratitude for the day and shifting into the meditative rhythm of night. We will stay at Parmarth Niketan, a beautiful serine Ashram. During our stay SatJiwan will teach early morning Sadhana and daily Yoga & Meditation sessions. We will enjoy nature, delicious food and truly amazing shopping!

Traveling on to Anandpur Sahib we will stay at Dasmash Sadan, Yogi Bhajan's home and trainning center in Anandpur Sahib - the city of Spiritual Bliss, a rural revered historic town and village at the foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace of the Khalsa and home to enlightened masters of the Sikh path. Here we will meditate in the many holy places where the enlightened masters meditated!

Our journey continues to Sultanpur Lodhi where Guru Nanak experienced Jal Samadhi  - enlightenment, during the 550th celebration of Guru Nanak’s birth!

Our next destination is Amritsar, where we will Meditate, Pray and experience early morning seva at the Golden Temple in Amritsar - the city of nectar and the eternal throne of the Sikh path, quite possibly the most revered spiritual historic city in North India. We will stay at a Heritage Boutique Haveli with an Ayurvedic Spa and delicious restaurant serving home grown delights. During our stay SatJiwan will teach early morning Sadhana and daily Yoga & Meditation sessions.

Recite Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib - Song of the Soul on the 84 sacred steps & dip in the sacred water at Goindwal Sahib, home to enlightened founding masters of the Sikh path

We end our journey visiting the holy temples of India’s many spiritual paths, seeing local historic sites, eating delicious traditional regional foods and shopping in the metropolitan city of Delhi - filled with delights for all the senses!

You will come home forever changed, words pale in comparison to the depth and vastness that awaits you in Incredible India!