Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga


Class Descriptions

Pre-Natal Yoga and Meditation

​Through conscious pregnancy, birthing and early parenting, we set the foundation for life-long health and happiness in a child. Yoga and meditation may be the strongest offering that you as an expectant mother has. To actively move your body, to learn to breath properly, to close your eyes, to meditate, to go inside where your baby is – from this you will come to know your own truth. This class supports you as you experience the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that prepare you to create and welcome another human being into the world. If a woman is living in calmness, radiance, joy and good health, this is the atmosphere in which her baby will enter the world. 

​Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, are the cornerstones of this class.

Post-Natal Yoga and Meditation

for Mama & Baby ❤️

Using the same principals as Kundalini Yoga with a little fun twist to keep the children involved. Not only will you get time to calm your mind, strengthen your body and play with your baby, but your children will also benefit from being in a sacred, loving and interactive environment.

Connecting and sharing with other moms and building friendships takes you beyond a yoga practice solely on the mat.

All classes are for all levels and perfect for New Yogis!​